What is is considered to be dangerous search engine that may change your browser’s settings, redirect you to particular websites and cause some other unwanted modifications. As soon as reaches your computer, it starts to implement some changes and attack you with various annoying pop-ups and advertisements. Besides the fact that you are constantly disturbed, those reliable-looking advertisements may redirect you to potentially harmful websites. So, instead of ignoring all these symptoms, you should better remove from your computer right now.

How does enter Windows operating system?

One of the main ways in which can enter your computer is when you download and install any freeware or shareware. You should always have in mind that cyber criminals try to infect your computer in various ways. So, they can easily bundle some unwanted applications together with the reliable programs that you want to download. That’s why, you always have to be very attentive and download only reliable programs or files. Moreover, when you download any application and perform the installation process, don’t skip any installation stage where you will be displayed with important details. It is essential to carefully read through all the information and deselect all the applications that you don’t need. That’s why, if you want to keep you computer safe and protected, you have to be very careful, avoid visiting illegal webpages and double-check all the programs that you want to download and install.

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How acts on your computer?

As soon as reaches your computer, it implements some modifications to your browser’s settings. When you want to perform any searching activity, you will be redirected to However, you shouldn’t trust this search engine because it may provide you unreliable search results and even redirect to potentially malignant websites where you may infect your computer even more. Besides that, when your computer is infected with, your browsing activities are always monitored. In other words, this search engine accumulates the information about websites your visit the most or about your search results.This information is gathered and transmitted to potentially malignant third party which analyze it and then attack you even with even greater amount of various advertisements and pop-ups. However, you should know that is not responsible for the content of those pop-ups and advertisements that you are displayed with, so, it it better to avoid them. There is a necessity to conduct an immediate removal.

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How to remove from your computer?

You can always try to perform a manual removal, but be aware that if you remove any malicious program only in a manual way, you won’t be sure if you have eliminated all malignant files that this program might have installed into your computer as well.

First of all, you should delete from Add/Remove Programs section. To do that you have to:

1. Click on the ‘Start’ menu and then go to ‘Control panel’ .
2. After that, you should go to the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ and move on to ‘Uninstall a program’.
3. Once you are displayed with a list of the programs, search for and remove it.
4. Finally, click ‘OK’.

Besides that, it is recommended to remove search engine from your browsers.

Internet Explorer:

1. First of all, open the browser and go to the ‘Tools’ section.
2. After that, move to ”Manage Add-ons’.
3. Now go to ‘Toolbars and Extensions’
4. Here you should search for and uninstall it.
5. Once you remove it, go to the ‘Tools’ section once again and then move to ‘ Manage Add-ons’.
6. Finally, go to the ‘Search Providers’’ and change your default search engine.

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open the browser and go to the ‘Tools’ section.
2. After that, move to ‘Add-ons’ and go to ‘Extensions’.
3. Here you should search for and remove it by clicking ‘Uninstall’ button.
4. Finally, to reset your new start up page you have to go to the ‘Tools’ section and then move to ‘Options’.

Google Chrome:

1. Once you open the browser, you have to click on Google Chrome icon and then go to the ‘Options’.
2. After that, go to the ‘Basic’ section and here change your homepage.
3. Now click on ‘Manage search engines’ and select Google or other page to become your default search engine.

As it was mentioned before, if you only implement all the steps of manual removal, you still can’t be sure if you have completely removed the malicious program from your computer. That’s why we are highly recommending you to download and install reliable anti-malware program such as SpyHunter. With a help of this reputable anti virus tool you will be able to perform a full system scan and make sure that your computer is protected from further infections.

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